What a Wonderful, Beautiful World!

Wonderful Beautiful World

In the midst of all the news of the violence and hatred and ugliness in the world in the last few weeks (months, years…?), we can sometimes lose sight of the sheer beauty and true awe-someness of our little part of the universe. My good friend Liv Lane says that when we focus on the […]

Mindfulness: This Is It

This is it

I have a necklace bearing the inscription “This is it” by Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. This is it: This is it. This is all there is. This is it is a call to mindfulness. It is a reminder to BE in the present moment. This is the moment we have been waiting for. This […]

My Favorite Books About Mindfulness

My Favorite (2)

Whether you are new to mindfulness, or have already begun practicing, there are LOTS of books out right now that provide a wealth of information and support. I’m sharing my favorites with you today — organized into very specific categories. Because of course.

My Word for 2015: abunDANCE!

What's Your Word for 2015?

For 2015, I am choosing abunDANCE. I am choosing to appreciate what I have, rather than thinking I always need more. I am choosing to embrace wonder and awe and possibility, rather than thinking I already know all the choreography. I am choosing to trust, rather than worrying about whether the ending pose will come together perfectly.

A Mindful Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

Making Resolutions

Are your New Year’s Resolutions abandoned by Valentine’s Day? Try approaching resolution-making with mindfulness!

Welcome, Christmas


As we count down the last few days until Christmas, I’m wrapping presents, baking cookies, and enjoying the leisurely pace of Winter Break. I’m sharing this post I wrote last year about teaching my children about the true meaning of Christmas. Enjoy — and have a lovely holiday! I think I’m from Who-ville, For I […]

You are an Artist. Make Art.

You are an artist

The Day of Rest

The Day of Rest

For anyone who’s ever wondered why their Day of Rest isn’t more restful…

Sleigh Bells Ring. Are You Listening?

Are You LIstening-

Sleigh bells ring. Are you listening? It’s not only Christmas season, but Christmas carol season. I am a HUGE Christmas music junkie. I start using the scan button on my car radio in early November, hoping that the Black Friday Creep virus will mutate and infect the radio stations and they’ll start decking the halls […]

10 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Mindful

Mindful Thanksgiving

The holidays may be “the most wonderful time of the year” and “the hap-happiest season of all,” but sometimes all the marshmallow toasting and parties for hosting and excessive snow-blowing leave us … less than glowing. We officially launch the holiday season this week — Thanksgiving, Black Fri- Thursday?, gay happy meetings, and lots of good eatings. […]

Honoring the Ambivalence of Motherhood

Maternal Ambivalence

Maternal ambivalence is completely normal. What we need to change is our attitude toward ambivalence! On embracing ambivalence with equanimity.

Is Mindfulness a Religion?

Human Experience and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is truly having its moment right now. It’s the Year of Mindful Living, the age of the Mindful Revolution. Mindfulness is branching out from clinical and therapeutic settings and entering classrooms and boardrooms, congressional offices, and military bases. Each day, scientific research confirms the physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits of a mindfulness practice. The […]

5 New Books to Read Now {and TWO Giveaways!}

5 New Books To Read Now

Looking for a good read? Check out some of the best new books I’ve read, and enter the giveaways to win a book!