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Left Brain Buddha is about living and parenting mindfully, joyfully, and thought-fully, especially in left-brain, analytical lives. information + inspiration = the modern mindful life!

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What’s YOUR Story?

“In the real world your … brain actively writes words on every single person or image you see. And the words and phrases that [y]our brain write[s] on people, projects, and goals … change not only your perspective but your motivation, engagement, and creativity.” Shawn Achor, Before Happiness What are YOU writing? What’s YOUR story? […]

leaving the classroom

leaving the classroom

I am leaving the classroom empowered, not embittered. I am leaving the classroom not because I think the system is so broken or dysfunctional that I have to escape, but because I know I can transform it.


Mindful Reminders

Ideas for creating reminders — in our homes, our workplaces, or our daily routines — that serve as calls to mindfulness.

Walking Flowers

This is Mindful Parenting

Mindful parenting is noticing, accepting, responding, breathing, misstepping, adjusting, and starting anew. Every moment, every day.

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