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10 Words to Use Instead of BUSY

Hummingbird in Cabo

Colleague: “How are you?” You: “BUSY!!” Sound familiar? We pride ourselves these days on our “busy-ness,” as if being busy were a sign of achievement and value in and of itself. Last spring, I shared this article with you about how we can ban “busy” from our lives, and still get stuff done. Today I’m […]

What a Wonderful, Beautiful World!

Wonderful Beautiful World

In the midst of all the news of the violence and hatred and ugliness in the world in the last few weeks (months, years…?), we can sometimes lose sight of the sheer beauty and true awe-someness of our little part of the universe. My good friend Liv Lane says that when we focus on the […]

My Favorite Books About Mindfulness

Zen rocks copy

Whether you are new to mindfulness, or have already begun practicing, there are LOTS of books out right now that provide a wealth of information and support. I’m sharing my favorites with you today — organized into very specific categories. Because of course.

My Word for 2015: abunDANCE!

What's Your Word for 2015?

For 2015, I am choosing abunDANCE. I am choosing to appreciate what I have, rather than thinking I always need more. I am choosing to embrace wonder and awe and possibility, rather than thinking I already know all the choreography. I am choosing to trust, rather than worrying about whether the ending pose will come together perfectly.