The Space Between: Help Your Toddler Thrive


I get nervous when I hear about parenting approaches that are “child-centered.” Perhaps it’s because I’m a teacher and I don’t like the phrase “student-centered.” It’s not that I don’t care about my students or their needs, but I don’t think they are the center of the classroom. I don’t think I am the center […]

What It’s Like to Go on a Silent Meditation Retreat: The Strange, the Challenging, and the Ahh-MAZE-ing!

Silent Meditation Retreat 1

Ever wondered what a silent meditation retreat is like? Completely disconnecting from the digital world, and not speaking, reading, or even making eye contact with other people? Read more to learn about the challenging and oh-so-amazing experiences from my silent retreat…

10 AWESOME Things About a Vacation With Kids!

Vacation With Kids.jpg

Does the thought of a week-long, trans-Atlantic European vacation with kids terrify you? Let me tell you why ours was AWESOME!

The Pursuit of Public Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

This week we {in the United States} celebrate the 4th of July, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” But did you know that this famous phrase by Thomas Jefferson originally read “life, liberty, and the pursuit of public happiness”? When editor Benjamin Franklin read that version, […]

10 Ways to Teach Mindfulness to Kids

Teach Mindfulness to Kids

Mindfulness is good for us, AND good for our children. Get started with these strategies to teach mindfulness to kids!

“Mommy, What ARE We?”: Rethinking Religion

Rethinking Religion

As my seven-year-old learns more about the world, she is learning that some of her friends are Jewish, some are Hindu, and some are Christian. “What are we?” she asked me the other day. Um….. I tried to explain how I don’t think there’s really one label that would fit me: I’m not Christian but […]

Mindful Parenting: Equanimity and a Screaming Child

Stacked rocks

Mindful parenting is not perfect parenting. It’s applying our mindful awareness to the practice of parenting. It is cultivating equanimity, even in the midst of chaos. It’s learning to surf instead of being tossed around in the storm.

A Nighttime Meditation for Compassionate Parenting

Baby Sleeping

Don’t you love it when they’re asleep? Don’t they look so sweet and innocent? For me, checking on my sleeping children at night is a treasured ritual. Stepping into their dark, quiet bedrooms becomes a moving meditation. The whining, sassing, yelling, and fighting from the day are nowhere to be seen on their dreaming faces. […]

THRIVE and BE HAPPY This Summer ~ A Giveaway!


Happy Summer! WOW! Lots of goodness on the blog today — summer, books, and my FIRST GIVEAWAY {and of course, it’s a giveaway of books for your summer reading! } I know some of us are still in school, and technically summer doesn’t start until the solstice in a few weeks. But June 1st is […]

A third-of-the-way upon the journey of my life… {An Atheist’s Spiritual Journey}

dark forest

How we can approach the world’s religions not just as interesting ideas, but as wisdom to live our secular lives? An atheist’s spiritual journey…

My Summer Reading List

2014 Summer Reading List.jpg

Check out the books that made my summer reading list for 2014!

Inside My Writing Process

Inside Writing Process

A few weeks ago, Allison from Go Dansker Mom tagged me in a post about writing — specifically, a series of posts that bloggers have been sharing lately to take us inside their writing process. I have loved reading how other writers approach their craft, and I am so touched that Allison cited my blog […]

Meditation Tips: 6 Meditation Problems That Aren’t Really Problems… But Here’s How To Deal With Them Anyway!

Train the mind sense impressions

You’ve begun your meditation practice. You’ve read all the meditation tips. And then you encounter problems. But there are no problems in meditation!