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Triumph of the Heart

Forgive me… {a giveaway}

Forgiveness is not about weakness, or letting people off the hook. It’s about giving up resentment. It’s a powerful practice for healthy, joyful living.

child practicing mindfulness

Resources for Teaching Mindfulness to Your Children

Probably the number one search query that leads people to my site is a variation on “how do I teach mindfulness to kids?” Which is FANTASTIC because our children need mindfulness. We ask them to pay attention! and calm down! … and we don’t really teach them how to actually DO either of those things! […]

zen scale

Finding Balance: Are We THERE Yet?

We talk a lot about finding balance. Entire books and magazines and websites are dedicated to finding balance. We want to slow down, have more time with our families, and more time for ourselves and our self-care. We want to do less and be more. All the while lowering our debt and getting stronger and eating better […]


Zen and the Art of Tap Dancing

I love to dance ~ I danced in a performance group in college and I really missed dancing once I moved on to “real life.” Several years ago I was happy to discover that the dance studios my daughter attended also offered Moms’ classes. Awesome! Until I discovered that my new class would include tap. […]

Mostly JOY here.

What’s YOUR Story?

“In the real world your … brain actively writes words on every single person or image you see. And the words and phrases that [y]our brain write[s] on people, projects, and goals … change not only your perspective but your motivation, engagement, and creativity.” Shawn Achor, Before Happiness What are YOU writing? What’s YOUR story? […]

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