#365FeministSelfie Hits the Red Carpet: “Who Are YOU Wearing, Mom?”

who-are-you-wearing-2It’s Award Season! Some of my lovely mommy blogger friends and I thought we would have fun combining the #365FeministSelfie with Award Season. The #365FeministSelfie is all about showing women as they are, no filter, no primping, no perfection, and perhaps no makeup. Pretty much the complete opposite of the Award Season Red Carpet drama-rama. So we’re asking you, everyday mama,

Who are YOU wearing?

I’ll go first and answer all the media inquiries about what glamorous blogger-teacher-mother Sarah Rudell Beach is wearing today …

It is …

… Under Armour!


I live in Minnesota, which is actually colder than freaking MARS right now, so I’ve been living in Under Armour and made-only-for-mommies velour sweatsuits for the last week. Because they keep telling us we can’t leave the house or our skin will freeze in like 4 seconds. And it’s really cold even inside because my house has crappy windows. The kids have been out of school FOR SIX STRAIGHT DAYS. Fashion in this house has been sucked up into a polar fleece vortex.

But, I hear you asking, “Under Armour? Velour? How does a teacher afford such glamorous loungewear?”

Well, in the above image on the left, I am wearing a lovely Old Navy charcoal sweatsuit, purchased with a combination of SUPER CASH, Christmas gift cards, and coupon codes. On the right, the lovely pink hoodie comes from my uncle’s sporting goods store in world-famous Mitchell, South Dakota {yes, the home of the Corn Palace!}. Every Christmas gift from him in the last five years has been Under Armour.

I’m cold. I’m a mom. And I can’t stand the Red Carpet – especially the “morning after,” when the tabloids run the “Worst Dressed” and “Fashion Disaster” spreads that make me cringe. Enough with the judging. Enough with the crazyridiculous standards for female beauty and fashion.  What happened to compassion, people? So we wanna know…

What is your everyday mama outfit? #WhoAreYOUWearingMom?

Here’s another one of mine:

Sweatshirt: Under Armour.
Sweatpants: Under Armour.
Scarf: Target.
{Scarf due to needing to get a haircut but having to cancel said haircut because we can’t leave the house}.

Don’t get me wrong ~ I like fashion and makeup and dressing up all fancy. Like when I get to dress up for dance performances:

Talk about polar fleece!
Talk about polar fleece!

And I’m actually really excited to wear professional clothes like this outfit below to go back to work {finally!} tomorrow:

Skirt and jacket: Old Navy Turtle neck and scarf: Target And look - a different headscarf! (Amazon)
Face looks like: cranky teacher
Face actually: mom watching kids dance while holding indeterminate balloon animal

But even “dressing all fancy for work” means Old Navy and Target and JC Penney {sources of entire outfit above}. And as soon as I get home, it’s sweatpants and hoodies!

Blogging in my Under Armour.
And the damn scarf.

On weekends, this is often the look:

Cranky #365FeministSelfie.
Running errands on Saturday morning with no time to shower.
Sweater: Under Armour.
Vest: Old Navy.
Scarf: You know.

I like my clothes comfy, but I do like to add some bling, like sparkly blue nail polish!

photo 3
Nail Polish: From the $.99 bin at Rainbow Foods.

And I almost always wear makeup. Even on a day when I’m not going to leave the house. Because it’s fun. And BECAUSE IT’S SERIOUSLY -23 FREAKIN’ DEGREES OUT and I want to pretend I actually LIVE NEAR CIVILIZATION.

photo 3-1
Makeup: Estee Lauder.
Earrings: Kohl’s clearance rack.
Scarf: Preventing brain freeze.

And I think it makes the scarf look better.


We really wanna know, #WhoAreYOUWearingMom? Tweet it, share it on Instagram, or, if you’re a blogger, link up your own post – feel free to copy the graphic at the top of this post. The linkup will be open until Sunday night. This Award Season, let’s celebrate real mom fashion!

Be sure to click around and check out who my co-hostess mamas are wearing!

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Sarah is a writer, teacher, and mother. At Left Brain Buddha, she writes about her journey to live and parent mindfully, joyfully, and thought-fully in her left-brain analytical life. When not working, she enjoys dancing, reading, and hanging out with her little Buddhas.
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    • Sarah Rudell Beach says

      Thanks…. And if you were at the Corn Palace, you were just blocks from the source of my fashionable Under Armour!!

  1. says

    You know what’s so interesting. I think you look a different kind of beautiful in each of these pictures. I mean clearly the polar fleece is the “glam” shot, but you truly look amazing in the rest of the photos too. It just goes to show you that there is NOT a one-size-fits-all idea of beauty! Yay! I’m so excited for this post! Happy me!
    Rachel recently posted…“Who Are You Wearing?”My Profile

  2. says

    LOL hahah “I think it makes the scarf look better” cracked me up (the scarf rocks, by the way). This whole post cracked me up!! Love it! You win with the sparkly nail polish too. Can’t remember the last time I painted my nails…

    • Sarah Rudell Beach says

      I’ve been in a phase for the last two years where I always have my nails painted… makes such a difference!

    • Sarah Rudell Beach says

      Aw, thanks! And I don’t think any are truly “no makeup” – not quite red carpet ready for that look yet!

    • Sarah Rudell Beach says

      Aw, thanks Alexa! I feel the same way when I get to see different pictures of bloggers than just the standard headshot!

  3. says

    how do you paint your nails and not have them chip immediately!?! LOVING the sparkly blue! Adored the whole post – diggin’ the sweats! My few “name brand” items are all gift certificates or super bucks, too. Gotta love it!
    Beth Teliho recently posted…Who Are You Wearing?My Profile

    • Sarah Rudell Beach says

      You know what I have found? The $.99 nail polish lasts longer than the expensive stuff! And thanks, I love funky nail colors.

  4. says

    You. Are. Adorable!!! And I laughed out loud at “indeterminate balloon animal”- ha! So you know I too wear makeup just about everywhere… and today in honor of our linkup, I went make-up free! (OK, fine just a TINY bit of mascara. But nothing else. And also, I only taught for 30 minutes and now I’m done. It seemed like a good day to take risks.) xo
    Stephanie @ Mommy, for Real. recently posted…SweatChic Moms and the Red Carpet- Who are YOU Wearing?My Profile

    • Sarah Rudell Beach says

      LOL. I actually have been getting better about leaving the house sans makeup lately. And yeah, I have no idea what that balloon animal was supposed to be…

    • Sarah Rudell Beach says

      I am a huge headband fan. I remember loving Hilary Clinton’s headbands back in the 90’s. so glad they’re coming back!

  5. says

    You are an effortless beauty. So glad to be a part of this fun blog hop.
    P.s. I hold no grudges for you looking so cute in your frumpy mom clothes 😉

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