Breathe + Smile: Monday Mindfulness and Gratitude

Mindfulness: Words for a Mindful Moment with the Breath


Gratitude: The Smile File

The moments of gratitude and the smiles from the week that I want to hold on to:


I love this quote by Elizabeth Lesser. Meditation, mindfulness ~ it’s all about discovering the peace and beauty that we already possess and are already all around us. While weeding in the garden this week, I pulled up this:

love is all around

As I shared with many of you on Facebook yesterday, it just didn’t seem right to call it a weed.

Most of the time, our moments of gratitude and joy are small ~ like listening to my six-year-old daughter sing her heart out to the car radio, not caring who can hear or what she sounds like. My son asking, “Mommy?” one more time, and then searching his head for a question to ask me, to keep me in a hug just a little longer as I tuck him into bed.

Those are the moments to be mindful of. To be fully present for. To discover the peace we already possess.


power outageOn a more mundane note, this week I realized how grateful I am for electricity! Some nasty storms came through Minnesota last weekend, and we had seventeen hours without power {which, fortunately, was a lot fewer hours than many of my friends and neighbors had to endure.} I am so grateful for air conditioning, my dishwasher, … I’ll spare you a listing of all my appliances, but you get the picture. I also discovered I have a wee bit of a social media addiction that I need to address. Beyond reminding me to be thankful for electrical power, the power outage did provide some nice family moments ~ an evening by candlelight, time away from iPhones and iPads, and a brief joyful moment with me and my children sitting in the car in the driveway {for a bit of A/C!}, belting out “Call Me Maybe.”


My husband is an avid amateur photographer. My aunt nicknamed him the “Toddarazzi” because he is always snapping pictures of everyone at every family gathering. But I love that he captures and documents the memorable, as well as the every-day, moments of our summer. We’re being better this summer at actually developing the pictures and putting them in our summer binders, too. I am so grateful for the time he takes to edit and organize all these pictures. These pictures are my calls to mindfulness, and reminders of abundance. Here are a few of my faves so far this summer:

IMG_0134 IMG_0242 IMG_0266 IMG_0328


What made YOU smile this week? What are YOU thankful for?

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  1. says

    Great pictures. It is such a blessing to have a photographer in the family.

    Your candlelight picture looks so lovely. I think we might have to turn the lights down, and the electronics off, and have a family night this week. (But we will keep the air conditioner ON!)

    I am thankful for a bus that ran perfectly on time yesterday (which is a big deal in my city), sneak attack hugs from my daughter, work for my husband, the sun shining in my window, and the favor of a kind landlord.
    Tracie recently posted…Going Green With Your Old Blog Posts – It Is Recycling DayMy Profile

    • Sarah says

      Ah, yes, the sneak hugs… my daughter loves those too!! And I agree – candles, great; no A/C, not great!)

  2. says

    How lovely. Ive just done a 2day intesive Heal Your Life (Louise Hay) workshop, in Cape Town, South Africa, and I am overwhelmed by how much there is to be grateful for… We wrote them down and I had pages and pages – it is very humbling. What I learnt: Four tools to heal your life and keep you whole, grounded and shining are 1: Meditation, 2: Affirmations, 3: Gratitudes and 4: Positive Visualisations. These 4 simple tools complement each other beautifully and are so powerful. Thank you for sharing. Could I post your blog on mine as one that I follow? Let me know? xxx

    • Sarah says

      What did people do before electricity? We did end up using the iPhones (with no data connections) as makeshift flashlights. But fun for a time to disconnect from the world… which felt very weird.

  3. says

    Your gratitudes and mindfulness made me smile. I can relate to you being for electricity. I remember during the superstorm Sandy we lost our power for over a week. I remember how grateful I was for lights, and heat. It is learning to appreciate the small things than can bring you everyday joys and surprising meaningful moments. I was grateful for my sunflowers blooming in my yard, and from getting a message from my daughter who has been in London for the past few weeks.
    Linda Davidson recently posted…Sharing thanks for sitting dockside at the Nautical Mile!My Profile

    • Sarah says

      Thanks, Linda, for sharing beautiful moments of gratitude! I can’t imagine a week without power!! Thanks for posting :)

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