Mindfulness and Gratitude: Thankful for Summer!

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Words for a Mindful Moment with the Breath

“Gratitude is a gracious acknowledgement of all that sustains us, a bow to our blessings, great and small. Gratitude is the confidence in life itself… As gratitude grows it gives rise to joy. We experience the courage to rejoice in our own good fortune and the good fortune of others…. Joy gladdens the heart. We can be joyful for people who we love, for moments of goodness, for sunlight and trees, and for the very breath within our lungs. Like an innocent child, we can rejoice in life itself, in being alive.”

Jack Kornfield, The Wise Heart

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 Moments of Gratitude

I officially have one week left of summer. And even that week is filled with technology trainings and meetings at school. I am full of gratitude and joy for a summer well spent ~ a summer that was at once relaxing, rejuvenating, invigorating, and intellectually stimulating. As I enter this last week, fully committed to living in the moment for the remaining days of summer, I am grateful for everything that made this summer amazing:

  • Being home with my husband and my kids.
  • Adventure Days with my family ~ the zoo, picnics, nature walks, amusement parks. We had a blast!

Dad and kids

  • Getting to know our wonderful neighbors in the brief few months Minnesotans venture out of their homes.
  • Watching my daughter plow through her chapter books, and seeing her excitement grow for 1st grade.photo-28
  • Having time to work on my blog ~ finding my niche, my authentic voice, new projects, and plans for the future of Left Brain Buddha.
  • Travel and learning ~ Vegas for a teacher conference, Chicago for BlogHer. Travel + conferences + amazing people = awesome!
  • Time in the backyard reading, napping, or playing water toys with my kids.
  • Spending time with grandparents, sisters, cousins, nieces, and nephews ~ so glad we got this picture of four generations of mothers and daughters and sons.


  • Reading great books, including Daring Greatly, Quiet, The Light in the Ruins, How Children Succeed, and Traveling Mercies.
  • New writing and publishing opportunities, including developing teacher resource materials, and contributing to several upcoming e-books to be released in the fall {details to come!}
  • Playing Superheroes with my son, who dressed in Superhero gear most days this summer.photo[6]
  • Quiet mornings with my coffee.

What are you thankful for this week? What has made your summer amazing?

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Sarah is a writer, teacher, and mother. At Left Brain Buddha, she writes about her journey to live and parent mindfully, joyfully, and thought-fully in her left-brain analytical life. When not working, she enjoys dancing, reading, and hanging out with her little Buddhas.
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  1. says

    What a great picture! I am thankful for the family time as well this summer. I am also thankful to have found such a wonderful blogging community. I am always wanting my blog to “do” bigger and better things, but I need to remember where it started and take time to be thankful for how far it has come. (I am intrigued by the “several” e-books you mentioned – I am excited to be contributing to one myself, so can’t wait to see what else is on the horizon!)
    Lisa @ The Golden Spoons recently posted…Julia Child I am NotMy Profile

    • Sarah says

      Thanks Lisa. I am sometimes just astounded by the powerful friendships I have developed in just a few months of blogging {and so eager to meet you in the fall!} And the books are exciting, too ~ it’s funny how requests pop up when I am least expecting it.

    • Sarah says

      Thanks, Kate. It’s so funny the way he has taken to superheroes the way my daughter took to Disney princesses…

  2. says

    It looks like you’ve had an amazing summer.

    I’m thankful for so much… and it’s so vital to practice thankfulness. We feel better about ourselves and our lives when we reflect on the positives. Which leads us to feeling good about life and ourselves and usually brings more positives into our life. A beautiful circle and a lovely practice.

    Gorgeous pictures.

    Wishing you a wonderful day.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…How To Help Your Local Food BankMy Profile

    • Sarah says

      Thanks Jennifer… and obviously I fully agree with you about the importance of gratitude. You stated it so well.

  3. says

    I can hear and relate to many things Sarah.

    I am thankful that I got to spend time with my kiddo who will be a teen in a few years and good to spend time with him and know his thoughts and to a certain extent nurture them too. Also filled with gratitude that it was a relaxing summer.
    ruchira recently posted…National Anthems of various countriesMy Profile

  4. says

    This summer I am grateful for visits from two family members who live far away and we don’t see very often, a garden that has produced so many vegetables we have excess to give away, the love of my partner and some really great books.
    Sharon recently posted…Good Reads: Can You Hear It?My Profile

  5. says

    Grateful for my kids to have so much time with their cousins from out of town this week (even if met little time for writing, etc.). It was really wonderful to see them all together, especially since some live in Israel.
    Nina recently posted…Stop the Party Favor MadnessMy Profile

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